Our History

International Loops is the industry leader for social media audience acquisition. For the past five years we have built our brand on transparency setting honest expectations through experience and data. International Loops is the longest running giveaway campaign host in the industry, and we pride ourselves in delivering real results.

Our campaigns have become one of the most exclusive forms of advertising on and off social media. Our CEO, Jennifer Lynne Brooks is the experienced creative entrepreneur who created and improved our famous campaigns over the past 10 years. Establishing International Loops, LLC just 5 years ago, she cultivated a team of her highest performing partners to come together to provide optimal results for the clients of International Loops.

Since our founding in 2015, we are committed to remaining the strongest and most innovative company in our industry. IL’s collaborative approach benefits our clients now more than ever, as they look to build their brands on and off social media. With a global reach of 500M+ and strategic partners worldwide we are able to utilize these relationships, access, and industry intelligence to ensure that our clients achieve their goals.