Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the traffic received come directly from the celebrity host’s audience after viewing International Loop’s campaign on their page.

Yes, International Loops can guarantee that you will receive traffic, but the number of followers IS NOT guaranteed. The company provides estimates based on prior campaigns and Instagram data. Client’s also have the ability to view the campaign host’s account to confidently make a decision to participate.

You can expect 50% or more to stay. There is not an exact percentage of retention because each traffic source and every client is different. Some of this new traffic may like you better than another client who participated in the campaign, and some of the new traffic may like your content enough to share it with people who didn’t participate in the giveaway in order to be introduced to you but decide to follow you also!

Campaigns can vary, but normally a campaign lasts 3-5 days. 

Campaigns vary, but generally a campaign consists of 1 in-feed post, 1 story posts, and 1 live video post. 

Most of our giveaway prizes for the winners are all types of Apple products.

That really depends on the campaign. Some campaigns have an estimated gain of 5,000, and other campaigns have estimated gains of over 100,000!

The great thing about our Exclusive Advertising Campaigns is that results are almost instant! Your traffic will increase while the campaign is active, within the 3-5 days. 


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