[mkdf_section_title position=”left” title_tag=”h3″ disable_break_words=”no” separator=”no” text_tag=”p” text_font_weight=”” title=”About International Loops” title_hightlight_words=”3″ text=”International Loops is the industry leader for social media audience acquisition. Over the past five years, we have built our brand on transparency by setting honest expectations and delivering on those results. International Loops is the longest-running giveaway campaign host in the industry, priding ourselves in delivering real results. Exclusive Advertising has become one of the most unique and favorable forms of advertising on and off social media.

Since founding in 2015, International Loops has committed to remaining the strongest and most innovative company in the industry. Our collaborative approach benefits clients now more than ever as they look to grow on social media. With a collective global reach of 500M+ between our strategic partners worldwide, we are able to utilize these assets and industry experience to ensure every client achieves their goals.” text_margin=”15″ holder_padding=”6%” text_line_height=”25″ text_font_size=”13″]

[mkdf_section_title position=”left” title_tag=”” disable_break_words=”no” separator=”no” text_tag=”” text_font_weight=”” title=”What is Exclusive Advertising?” text=”An exclusive advertisement is an opportunity for people and brands to tap into a celebrity’s audience. Influencer marketing is predicted to be a $10 billion-dollar industry by the end of 2020; meaning brands understand the value of leveraging a celebrity’s audience. These campaigns are designed to drive 10x the results than typical brand deals, and for a fraction of the price.

International Loops acts as the network that celebrities host a campaign designed to advertise our clients on social media, similar to how television networks host commercials during a television series. The campaign value is based on the size of celebrity’s audience who is hosting the campaign, similar to how a television commercial advertisements are valued based on the average number of traffic based on the viewers during the airtime, with the exception of some variable factors due to the nature of social media. This method of advertising has proven far more effective and affordable than the typical influencer marketing methods due to the strategic design of the campaign.

International Loops’ Exclusive Advertising has become one of the most favored forms of advertising due to the amount of time people spend on social media daily. Harnessing the power and influence that celebrities have on social media, here at International Loops we packaged an advertising opportunity that anyone can use to obtain massive exposure for themselves, brand, or movement.

Exclusive Advertising gives brands the ability to establish the social presence of those household names that everybody knows, on and off social media. Exclusive Advertising results in much more than just traffic, but traffic that you’re able to capitalize on by having the ability to retarget them for free while they follow your social media, while at the same time immediately increasing your social proof and credibility.

The traffic that clients receive from a campaign come in the form of followers driven from the celebrity host’s audience. By obtaining followers, this allows clients to continuously retarget new people more than once, increasing the chance of conversion. By simply increasing your social presence increases the trust in the people viewing.” text_font_size=”13″ text_line_height=”25″ holder_padding=”4%”]

What we offer

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